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SBS Instant is the Secure Business Services cost effective, instantly available, starter certificate. Anyone with access to the WHOIS contact email address can get an SBS Instant Certificate for their web site. These Low Assurance certificates are perfect for web site owners who are cost conscious and who mainly want to send information securely over the Web. Site owners who may wish to offer a higher level of confidence backed by our financial guarantee may want to investigate SBS high assurance certificates such as SBS Secure, and SBS Secure Plus.
  • Encryption 128/256-bit*
  • Security Method SSL
  • Validation Required Basic
  • Validation Procedure: Verify domain ownership via email
  • Browser Trusted: Yes
  • Browser Compatibility: 99.3%
  • Provisioning Length: 1-2 hours
  • Reissuance Time: As required
  • Certificate Issued: 1 domain name
  • Recognized Internationally: Yes
  • Secure Root Server: Yes
  • Security web lock will appear: Locked
  • Assurance Type: Low
Pricing: $25/Year
* 256 bit encryption supported by compatible servers and clients. e.g. Apache 2 and Firefox.